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Hottsdale is a reality show about the Scottsdale lifestyle and aspiring talent trying to make it big in the entertainment industry.

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New Reality TV Show Hottsdale to Showcase the Scottsdale Scene

America is about to find out that Scottsdale isn't just a city in the middle of the desert but rather a young LA where many are striving for wealth and beauty, some even fame.

The Scottsdale scene is an untapped and unknown world to most of the country. The nightlife is as dynamic as one you would find in downtown Chicago and in most cases as superficial as one you would find in LA. Hottsdale will reveal this lifestyle to viewers everywhere. While Hottsdale will serve as an introduction to Scottsdale for many viewers unfamiliar with the area, the show's genesis began 1,500 miles away from the Sonoran Desert and the Old Town social scene.

"I came up with the idea for Hottsdale while working on my best friend's TV show in Chicago," says Deonte Hibbler, the Creator of Hottsdale. "During the down time I started talking to one of the guys on the set about all the reality shows that I watch. We laughed at how popular Jersey Shore was and I began to imagine what would happen if there was a reality show about the lives of people in Scottsdale. That really got me thinking."

The idea for Hottsdale came together quickly.

"I started to form a reality show that not only will show how exciting the nightlife is but also show Scottsdale as a great destination city," said Hibbler. The show will take viewers on a ride through the lives of eight unique individuals that all aspire to make it big. Living together, partying together and working toward the same dream, the cast of young talent will have to balance the magnetism of Scottsdale's dynamic nightlife, the superficial world of wealth and beauty, and the hard work it takes to make it big in Hottsdale and the entertainment world.

Deonte Hibbler is excited about the show's potential. "It is my hope that this show will open the doors for other Phoenix based reality shows."

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